The warmer weather of spring and longer days bring with them concerns for your pets.

• Ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Cats are more likely to roam outdoors and increase their territories. This makes them more likely to fight and be exposed to viruses that we can protect them from such as Feline Leukaemia.

• Male dogs are likely to run off after the scent of bitches in season and this too exposes them to more viruses as they come into contact with other dogs. Spring time also means more puppies and those early vaccinations are vital.

• Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. If your pet has eaten chocolate, use this handy calculator to assess if it is toxic or not – Chocolate toxicity calculator

• It is also good time to have your pet identichipped.

• Ensure that your cats are neutered from 5-6 months to prevent unwanted pregnancies and fighting.

• Reassess your flea and worm control as the warmer weather means more flea pupae hatching and more problems with fleas and worms!

• Daffodils in the house in a jar of water may look pretty but be aware that indoor cats that may drink the water or eat the flowers can end up very ill. The same goes for lilies in the home – they are poisonus to your cats.

• On a more positive note; at Manor Farm Vets, we advise that all pets that have over-indulged over the winter are taken out for longer walks in the kinder weather to work off their fat rolls

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There is a wonderful friendly atmosphere. Our pets are always greeted and made to feel at ease. The staff are very knowledgeable and always have the animals best interests at heart. Our pets have always been treated with respect and shown the utmost care and compassion.

The staff always go above and beyond to ensure our animals maintain their dignity and receive the best/most appropriate treatment. I can’t praise them enough. We have used their services for 14 years during which there have been highs and lows,but they have always maintained a professional,yet compassionate approach and we trust them 100% with all our pets.


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