chihuahuaResearch commissioned by the Dogs Trust reveals that an average of 12 dogs per day face being put to sleep due to outdated microchip information.

The annual Stray Dog Survey revealed a 21 per cent decrease in strays handled by local authorities between 2015 and 2016.

This number still equates to 81,050 dogs handled, with more than 37,000 unclaimed dogs in local authority kennels. What’s more, one in eight of these dogs are thought to be missing pets who are at risk of being put to sleep or rehomed, simply because their owners have not updated their contact information on the microchip.

4,732 dogs face destruction this year due to a lack of up-to-date microchip information. It’s sickening to think that so many pets are put to sleep as a result of out-of-date contact information.

As you can see from our Facebook page; we get a significant number of stray animals brought to us without a microchip – this makes it very difficult to trace an owner.

We also sadly see a lot of stray animals brought to us that are microchipped, but unfortunately the details are now out-of-date. If the owner has moved house and changed phone number, we have no way of tracking them down.

** A microchip with out of date details is just as bad as no microchip at all. **

If you ever change your address or phone number, please get in contact with the microchip database company to get your pet’s microchip details updated. We cannot amend the details for you.

There are several different databases for microchips. If you know your pet’s chip number, you can see what database they are registered with by going to This is will give you the contact telephone number of the database for you to contact.

Please take the time to check your contact details on the database today. You never know when you might need it!

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*Coronavirus Update*

*Coronavirus Update*

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